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Auditorium seating manufacture company

Ftseat auditorium seating manufacture company is located in Foshan China. As an auditorium seat factory, we design and manufacture the modern auditorium seatings that suitable for various of places, such as lecture hall, church auditorium, concert hall and so on. 

Auditorium seating layout solution supplier & OEM

Ftseat auditorium seating manufacture company strives to be the best fixed auditorium seating manufacturer. In order to improve customers’ consumption experience, we not only supply bulk quality auditorium seating, but also provide the perfect audience hall seating layout solutions for you according to the auditorium space demand. In addition, Ftseat seats company is also an auditorium seating OEM. We are looking forward to working with you.

Custom auditorium seating factory

Auditorium are usually designed to hold various activities, including conferences, concerts, performances, sporting events, graduations and other ceremonies. It means that adaptability, durability and simplicity of installation and maintenance are crucial to maximize the function of the auditorium spaces. It is also very valuable for both venue owners and end users alike that their seating areas should be accommodating, attractive and comfortable.
In most cases, the soft cushion is used on auditorium chairs, and in order to facilitate the evacuation of people during the end, the cushion turnover structure is commonly adapted. In consideration of helping audiences to identify and find seats in the dark, the row numbers, seat numbers, and the local lighting facilities are flexibly needed.
Sometimes according to the needs of use and site design, the auditorium seats need writing boards for recording and placing documents. In special halls we also need to consider the adaptability with simultaneous translation equipment , voting and speaking equipment. Some theaters or halls also require the well cooperation between the seats and air conditioning systems.

To this end, Ftseat auditorium seat factory is definitely your best choice for quality, economic and durable auditorium seating. The customized auditorium seating dimensions, a wide variety of styles, colors and fabrics are fit to any venues where need fixed seating. Contact us for more and customize for your auditorium.