Different from the China school where mostly use ladder school desk and chair which make the classroom hold more people, western schools are mostly implementing small class teaching mode.

ladder school desk and chair

According to our standards, most of their classrooms are "unlike classrooms", and desks and chairs are placed randomly.

In Britain, the desks and chairs of students will be placed in a round shape, and students sometimes even sit on the floor, with all kinds of decorations hanging on the walls of the classroom. The British teachers' class method is also very different from the chinexe teachers: chinese teachers usually give lectures on the platform for 45 minutes and students listen quietly in a fixed position. While British teachers often divide 45 minutes into several periods, such as content teaching, task arrangement, group discussion, game playing (or investigation, operational drills, role playing, etc.), student speech,and teacher summary, etc.

Most of the time, teachers are standing by to carefully observe students' activities, listen to students' statements or ask them questions, and talk with them. The irregular placement of the desks and chairs of students is very beneficial to the communication, group discussion, games and other activities between teachers and students.

In the United States , Primary schools also have their own characteristics. First, there are generally fewer students in classes, and some classes have only a dozen students. Second, the way of disciplining students is not rigid, the relationship between teachers and students feels quite warm, and the relationship between teachers and parents is also very close. The desks and chairs of classroom are also placed casually. In class, try to train students to check their own materials, find their own books and read, pay attention to the cultivation of practical ability, and train students to make presentations and read in small groups, with flexible and diverse ways of education.