Most people are not dare to quickly check in the house where is newly decorated, because the recently decorated houses will be polluted by formaldehyde, and these substances will still exist for several years or even more than ten years, so we must not be careless. As a manufacturer for theater seating, we also can’t say that the new furniture do not contain formaldehyde completely.

So, how to get rid of formaldehyde in the decoration of new houses as soon as possible is a matter of concern to every owner.

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1. Activated carbon method

Activated carbon is an internationally recognized expert in drug abuse. Activated carbon is used in common masks and gas masks. This product uses the physical function of activated carbon to deodorize and detoxify, without chemical additives and influence on human body. Put two to three dishes in each house, and the indoor peculiar smell can be basically removed after 72 hours. This method can be used for medium and low-grade pollution environment.

2. Air circulation method

Through the circulation of indoor air, the content of harmful substances in indoor air can be reduced, thus reducing the harm to human body. In winter, people often close doors and windows, and indoor and outdoor air cannot circulate, not only the formaldehyde content in indoor air will increase, but radon gas will also accumulate constantly, even reaching a high concentration. SO,please usually open your doors and windows.

3.Tea method

300 grams of black tea, soaked in hot tea with two washbasins, and put them into the room, and the windows are opened for ventilation.The indoor formaldehyde content will decline by more than 90 % within 48 hours, and the irritant smell will be basically eliminated.

4. Plant method

Plant decontamination can be selected for medium and low pollution environment.
Choose and put green plants according to different functions and sizes of areas in the room. Generally speaking, it is more suitable to put two pots of plants with 1.5 meters high in a 10-square-meters room.