The footrest of the auditorium chair is generally divided into fixed leg auditorium chair and movable leg auditorium chair. There are different choices when purchase the auditorium chair because of the different ground materials.

How to choose different feet pads for the auditorium chairs

1. Cement floor

It is suitable for two kinds of feet pads. But considering the higher cost of movable feet chairs, it is recommended to use fixed seating.

2. Wood floor

For thick wood floor, fixed feet chairs are good choiceif not so thick, movable feet chairs are recommended.

3. Ceramic tile floor

Movable feet chairs are recommended for the ceramic tile floor which cost a lot. Meanwhile, fixed feet chairs which are fixed by expansion screws are recommended for the floor which cost less.

4. Marble floor

It is generally recommended the movable feet chairs, because marble material cost is very high, if fixed feet are used , we need to drill holes in marble, which is big destruction to the marble floor.

5. Steel frame floor

Suitable for two kinds of footrests, but it is according to the thickness of the floor. If the floor’s thickness doesn’t get to 30 ~ 40 mm, please firstly use electric drill to drill 3 - 4 mm holes and then directly set self-tapping screws, while if the floor thickness is about 30 ~ 40 mm,it can be directly used to set self-tapping screws.