School chair and desk have a direct impact on the learning environment so you should be careful when choose it. What should be paid attention to when choosing ladder-shaped classroom desks and chairs?

How to Choose Ladder-shaped Classroom Desks and Chairs

1. Environmental protection: school chairs are usually made of wood, plastic and steel. We should consider if the wood materials, especially artificial boards, meet environmental concerts, such as formaldehyde emission, so as not to cause harm to students.

2. Humanization: the structure and size of school chairs should meet the requirements of students' body shapes and sitting postures, and reasonable design should be made to prevent students from humpback, cervical vertebra bending and other health problems.

3. Safety: the materials of school chairs in schools should have the characteristics of fire resistance, water resistance and the similar charismatics, preventing the emergencies,especially the desks and chairs used in laboratories where some chemical reagents will be used. In addition, the corners of desks and chairs should be rounded to avoid bumping into each other, and the hardware should not be too sharp to prevent scratching. It should be solid and reliable in structure, and can bear the heavy load of books.

In a word, when choosing ladder-shaped classroom desks and chairs, we must pay attention to the environment materials, the design and structure, the safety problems and so on .