Creating a cinema theater, a home theater or a luxuriant auditorium will be a great investment. If you want to keep the furniture for the last, you need to know how to clean the furniture correctly.

How to clean different types of auditorium chairs?

Fabric auditorium chairs

Wipe with soft cloth and then dry the chairs. Forbade to wipe with the wet cloth, hard objacts or chemicals such as acid and alkali to contact with the fabric, so as not to affect the surface quality and service life. If the chairs are stained with drinks, we can firstly absorb the liquid with hand towel, then wipe it with warm water to dissolve neutral detergent, then wipe it with clean soft cloth, and finally dry it at low temperature.

Wooden auditorium chairs

Wooden chairs should avoid placing drinks, chemicals or overheated objects on the surface, so as not to damage the natural color of wooden surfaces.

Leather auditorium chairs

Leather owns strong absorbing ability, so anti-fouling should be paid great attention to. And it should be cleaned with special cleaning agents for leather, especially avoid the strong cleaning agents.

Metal auditorium chairs

It can be wiped with soft cloth, but avoid rough, organic solvents ( such as pine fat, decontamination oil ) or wet cloth, which are the main reasons causing surface scars and rust. Timely wipe it with dry cotton silk or fine cloth to keep it bright and beautiful.

All kinds of auditorium chairs

The vacuum cleaner is suitable for auditorium chairs made of all materials. Gaps at the junction of back, armrest and seat surface can be cleaned by vacuum cleaner. However, when using vacuum cleaners, do not use suction brushes in order to prevent the fabric from becoming fluffy by damaging the weaving thread on the textile fabric, and even avoid sucking by extra-large suction, which may cause the weaving thread to be torn off, so it is advisable to consider using a small vacuum cleaner to clean it.