Leather theater seating is one of luxury theater seating because it looks beautiful, feels comfortable and is easy to be maintained. In order to keep the value of the leather theater seating, you need to know how to maintain and clean the leather theater seating in a right way.

How to Maintain Leather Theater Seating

For slight dirt. Wipe the dust with a soft cloth, then dip the towel in the cleaning solution or soapy water and gently wipe the pollution.

For heavy pollution. Use leather sofa special cleaning agent or cleaning cream cleaner. For paint marks, try to rub it gently with a rubber before wiping it with a semi-dry soft cloth. For oil stain, clean with detergent and then wipe clean.
For scratches. Mix egg white with corresponding color watercolor and daub it on the scratches repeatedly, and then coated with polish or glue after it dry.

For viscous substances. If leather sofa accidentally got the candy, glue and so on, sticky things are difficult to remove, don't rush to dig it. What to do about that? Try using ice bags to cool it first, then gently wipe it with silk.
Against the sun. Can consider to change the sofa position, close the curtain to avoid direct exposure the sofa to the sun when the sun is strong.

Post - cleaning protection. No matter what the way it is cleaned, it should be timely protected with the maintenance agent or protective liquid, glazing agent or something, in order to prevent cortex aging, loss of luster.

In addition, if your theater seats are new. You need to remove formaldehyde with the useful methods before use, because the new furnitures will be polluted by formaldehyde inevitably.