In the public places, such as cinema halls, there are many times we are unable to notice and stop the malicious destruction to cinema chairs by the audiences because the darkness provides a favorable condition. The damage of only one or bulk cinema chairs will cause annoyance. Therefore, it imply that the strict management, timely maintenance of damaged equipment, and select the suitable cinema chairs according to the users, the loss can be reduced to a minimum line.

How to Reduce the Damage of Cinema Chairs

How to select the suitable cinema chairs , please refer to following tips:

1. Choose the enameled steel or high-strength plastic structure to be the chair back, so as to withstand more damage such as cutting or scrabbling, and rim with the aluminum strip, which can further protect the upper edge of the chair back.

2. In order to avoid damage to armrests of cinema chairs, hardwood armrest or plastic armrest should be a good choice.

3. Use cast iron or other high-strength materials to prevent rude behaviors.

4. Pay special attention to the selection of the decorative materials. Patterned fabrics are easy to repair, because patches are less obvious than the ordinary fabric. Avoiding the loose fabrics, because it is easier to pilling.

5. Use the molded polyurethane foam cushion, because it can be firmly attached to the spring, this kind of seat can reduce the damage caused by the audience's peristalsis, and it is more comfortable to sit on it than the common plate cushions.

6. If possible, use the self-folding chair so that the hinge is in a position which is not easy to be removed.
These are some suggestions to reduce the damage of cinema chairs, and we hope they can be helpful to cinema owners.