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It is said that order is everything to a seat factory, without order will lead to capital chain rupture in any minute. It is a waste for workers, factories, equipment,etc for being idle.

There’s nowhere near happiness when with order. Since factory has to cover the money for dealers in advanced, distribute products, manage storage, open production line. Once these start it will cost a lot of money, even with the popular “E-Commerce order” the furniture factory will still earn a little out of it.

Factory being the head of production, its cost of raw material, labour and internal management keep increasing. Since 2017, the price of raw material such as, plates, sponge, paper, leather and coating keep going up, even double several times for months and finally become unaffordable.

The salary, social insurances and environmental cost of labour also increase. The owners of factory complain about that everything is growing except profit. Therefore the price of furniture goes up under this tough circumstance.

Today, we personally in touch with the customers all over the world as a seat manufecturer, providing the high quality products and the most competitive price without e-commerce bonus. You can find bulk best movie theater seatsmodern auditorium seatingentertainment chairs, school desk chair on Ftseat.