I believe that there are so many people who have bought the fixed saets, such as the fabric fixed auditorium seating, fabric movie theater seats or red theater loveseat, but are really confused about how to maintain them. This is not a simple question.

how to maintain Auditorium & Cinema chairs

Here, we will share with you the tips about the maintenance of auditorium chairs and cinema chairs.

1. It should be lightly lifted and stably placed, instead of cleaned and transported rudely. If the ground is uneven, then please strengthen the table legs to prevent the mortise structure from damage.

2. After cleaning, please avoid to be exposed to the sunlight, nor to be placed in a too-dry place, so as to prevent from crack and deformation on materials.

3. Avoid wet place, to protect the materials from being swelled or rotted.

4. Avoid loading heavy objects on it.

5. Avoid using alkaline water to clean.

6. When the upholstery cloth is stained with dust, use vacuum cleaners and brush lightly along the fabric texture. For stains, such as coffee, juice ,milk and blood, you can use neutral detergent solution to dilute with warm water, and then use clean soft cloth to suck water.