As a leading seating manufacture company from China, we pay attention to national policies and focus on the customers' interests, including the seating experience, security and so on.

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From January 1st, 2018, the sewage charging system which has been implemented for nearly 40 years officially withdrew from the historical stage.Why? Because the environmental protection tax system, which is based on The Environmental Protection Tax Law of the People's Republic of China began to be implemented, saying that the measure of environmental protection changed from fee to tax. As the first "green tax law" in China market, levying environmental protection tax delivers a clear signal to enterprises " to control and reduce pollutant emissions, protect and improve the ecological environment".

The thinner of traditional oily paint is organic solvent, which releases a large amount of volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ) in the process of painting and has become one of the main sources of air pollution. On one hand, it is the core element that causes smog; on the other hand, its own formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals and other substances will bring direct harm to painters and product users. Therefore, reducing the market share of oil paint has always been the general direction of paint industry.

Waterborne coatings and powder-borne coatings are substitutes for paints which have been strongly advocated by China in recent years. Especially water-based coatings, which use water as solvent, can greatly reduce the emission of VOCs while maintaining the productsquality, and have the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, non-combustible and non - explosive, health and so on. In order to promote " oil to water", China here finally introduced such strong policy.

Now Ftseat seat manufacturer is using waterborne coatings which is more environmental for the auditorium seats, movie theater seats and most other China furniture manufacturers are responding to national policy. Absolutely, the cost has risen also. However, we are able to offer an absolutely competitive price as an manufacturer.