The two-seat chairs in cinema all share a narrow armrest, which make many audiences confusedto the cinema theater seating.

Why do Two-seat Chairs in Cinema Share the Same Armrest?

Generally speaking, both of two people want to use this armrest, which makes them very embarrassed. Why should cinema seats be designed like this? Is there any good improvement method?

The armrest on the cinema seat is just like a polite message, which allows two strangers to have an officially recognized space separation sign. Just like the armrest of economy class seats, the purpose is to give the audience a separate space with no offense and basic sense of security. 

If you are sitting next to an acquaintance or your lover, this armrest can be stowed away. So we can realized now why the seats next to the cinema share the same armrest, because the current design scheme is the best compromise between space and money.

If you meet to two factors, it is not only the money to make two armrests will add, but also the amount of steel used under the seat will increase. The more complicated process means more procedures and lower yield. What’s more important, each row of cinemas will have fewer seats (two to three seats per row), which will make it impossible to accommodate more guests (usually there are dozens of rows in cinemas).