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Media room seating manufacture company

Ftseat media room seating manufacture company is located in Foshan China. As an leading media room seat factory, we design and manufacture bulk luxury, commercial-grade home movie theater seats and VIP cinema seatings with contoured comfort and contemporary design, bringing the supreme comfort seating experience.

Media room seating layout solution supplier & OEM

Ftseat media room seating manufacture company strives to be the best fixed home theater seating manufacturer. In order to improve customers’ consumption experience, we not only supply bulk quality theater seating, but also provides the perfect home theater room layout solutions and VIP zones seating layout solutions for you. In addition, Ftseat seats company is also an home theater seating OEM. We are looking forward to working with you.

Custom media room seating factory

VIP recliner and luxury home theater sofa, also known as multifunctional sofa whose original design intention is that keep people away physical fatigue after staying in a sitting position for a long time during entertainment activities in cinemas. Therefore, the comfort of functional sofa is very important.
When use multifunctional sofa, you can adjust different postures if you like according to the electric or manual recliner. You can seat at 90 degrees, and watch movies at 120 degrees, listen to the music at 145 degrees, rest and sleep at 180 degrees! It can perfectly meet your multi-dimensional needs.
Media room multifunctional sofa refers to a new kind of soft furniture which has increased posture adjustment and shape transformation functions when compared with ordinary sofa, and it even has additional functions such as storage, assistance, health massage and the like in addition to sitting and lying functions. You can decide the additional functions of the seats according to your venues needs.

Frseat is a reliable media room seating supply factory who provides the quality media room seating and promises that all the products can be dealed with destructive test. Contact us for more and customize the premium media room multifunctional seatings for your luxury home theaters or VIP private places.