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Foshan China Theater Seating Manufacturer

Theater seating manufacture company

Ftseat theater seating manufacture company is located in Foshan China. As a leading theater seat factory, we design and manufacture the commercial theater seatings, VIP cinema seatings and luxury home theater seatings with the environmental friendly materials and quality. 

Theater seating layout solution supplier & OEM

Ftseat theater seating manufacture company strives to be the best fixed theater seating manufacturer. In order to improve customers’ consumption experience, we not only supply bulk quality theater seating, but also provide the perfect movie theater seating layout solutions for you according to the movie theater space demand. In addition, Ftseat seats company is also an theater seating OEM. We are looking forward to working with you.

Custom theater seating factory

If you were the owner or manager of a premier theater renowned for offering the season’s best blockbusters, what would you do possibly to improve the movie-goers’ viewing experience? Absolutely, the answer is improve the seating comfort. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your theater seating with new theater seats. The comfort and luxury of the seats, which can often be the deciding factor when a customer is debating which movie theatre is deserve to attend, will be the one of the most important aspects of the cinematic experience.
Ftseat theater seats factory understands and cares about most moviegoers’ major concern when they are sitting in front of the screen. A comfortable movie theater seat is their vital requirement. We devote effort into designing and manufacturing the comfortable cinema seating, from our full-rocker, fixed back, swivel back, thicker cushion, couple seat or VIP recliner for optimum levels of comfort. You also can decide the additional functions of your theater seats according to your venues need.

Frseat is a reliable theater seating supply factory who provides the quality theater seating and promises that all the products can be dealed with destructive test. Contact us for more and customize the premium theater seating for your movie theater.